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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

This is a term for wooden floorboards that are made from solid wood rather than a thin layer of wood on a backing board (like a parquet floor).

Yes! We produce in Flachau and offer our products directly here in the shop or in our wood markets .

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All common and secure payment methods. PayPal, prepayment, credit card, ... and much more. You can find more detailed information about secure payment in our wood shop here .

Wildlife (2nd choice) Our solid wood floorboards are produced and sorted according to strict criteria. Products that do not fully meet the strict selection criteria of the Lively/Rustic grading are classified as 2nd choice. Wood defects in wildlife grading can include knotholes, cracks, color variations, planing errors, partial lack of tongue and groove, and twisting of the wood. Since this product is an absolutely affordable entry-level price, please make sure that at least 10-15 percent waste is included in your order. This does not reduce the durability and resistance of the wood.

Yes very much. When checking out, simply order free shipping for collection at the Holzmarkt.

The optimal room climate, not only for your solid wood floor but also for your health, is around 20 to 22°C and a relative humidity of 50 - 60%. A healthy climate is important for both human well-being and the soil. Wood naturally regulates air humidity and ensures an ideal room atmosphere. When the air is dry, the wood shrinks; when the air is humid, it swells. This can lead to joints in the winter months. This is completely normal for solid wood floorboards and will balance out again as soon as your room climate is healthy again. This climate can be maintained throughout the year through plants and special room humidifiers.

The oils used consist of natural substances that combine with the wood and do not form layers. Due to the strong molecular bond, the natural oil combines with the upper microns of the wood within a few minutes, which thereby retains its natural appearance. The ready-to-use surface is wear-resistant, durable and extremely durable. The surface is 100% VOC-free, breathable and easy to clean. Thanks to its open-pored surface, it acts as a climate regulator in the room. In addition, the antistatic properties of the oiled surfaces prevent unwanted layers of dust.

For us, a lacquered surface does not fit the philosophy of a solid and natural wooden floor. When painting, the wood pores are closed with a thin layer of varnish. The wooden surface becomes evenly smooth and the structure of the wood can no longer be felt and felt. In addition, the airtight layer prevents the wooden floor from 'life'. With an oiled surface, the wood remains open-pored and breathable. This means the floor can absorb the air moisture and release it back into the room air. As a result, oiled wooden surfaces actively contribute to a pleasant indoor climate. A varnish cannot be refreshed or can only be refreshed to a very limited extent and the surface is more sensitive to scratches and print marks. A damaged paint layer cannot be partially repaired. Once there is a certain degree of wear and tear, the floor must be completely sanded and resealed. The oil-treated wooden floor is durable and can be easily refinished.

The delivery time depends on the product. You can find the delivery time for the individual products. We try to send everything at once for every delivery. When placing your order, please choose the product with the longest delivery time. If you have any questions about your order, simply send us an email with your order number.

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