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Floor in m²: room area plus 5% waste (10% for special situations)

Skirting boards in linear meters: circumference of the room minus Doors plus 5% waste

Adhesive in kg: Room area x 1.5 kg

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How is the need for materials and accessories correctly calculated?

Measure the room or determine it from the plan. Length x width in m -> Area in m²

Waste means the recommended excess amount. For square or rectangular rooms, please allow for a waste of 5%. The order quantity including waste is calculated as follows: Room area x 1.05 = order quantity COMPLETE!! Now you have the order quantity for yours Floor determined.

Waste means the recommended excess amount. In general, the more complicated the room area, the more waste is required. For rooms with special shapes, we recommend that you calculate 10% waste, as more planks usually have to be cut to size. Even with special laying patterns (e.g. diagonally), it is advisable to allow for more waste. Room area x 1.10 = order quantity COMPLETE!! You have now determined the order quantity for your floor.

Round up to whole packages Our floors are delivered in tightly packed packages delivered. Our calculator on the product page does this calculation for you.

What would a floor be without a beautiful finish? So order the corresponding chair strips at the same time. Skirting boards that match the floor are available for our flooring products. You can determine the amount of skirting boards you need as follows: First measure each side length of the room and add them together. (total perimeter of the room) Now subtract the door widths and other areas where skirting boards are not needed. Then add 5% waste again. Determined quantity x 1.05 = order quantity Our strips are produced and delivered in fixed lengths of 2m. -> divide the running meters by 2 and round the quantity up to the next full bar and put the desired number in the shopping cart. COMPLETE!! You have now determined the running meters required for skirting boards.

When installing using full-surface gluing, you need an adhesive that is tailored to the floor. When calculating the amount of glue required, proceed as follows: Up to a width of 169mm: our recommendation – BONA QUANTUM Floor area without waste in m² x 1.5 kg = amount of adhesive required in kg The glue we recommend is available in containers of 15 kg each. Round the amount up to the nearest full bucket. – see our item description! COMPLETE!! You have now determined the order quantity for the adhesive. Our employees will be happy to advise you on special situations and special surfaces.

Your oiled wooden floor ready for living is EASY TO CARE – More information here on our care page Our RECOMMENDATION as initial equipment for your new floor: WHITE CARE BOX UNIVERSAL with floor soap and Surface Care for ongoing cleaning and ECO Refresh for aftercare. WHITE CARE BOX RESCUE for stains such as lime, grease or tannin – just the thing

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