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1x1 of floor care

Every now and then your floor appreciates a little care. Our care products are tailored to the surface and consist of natural plant substances and oils. Due to the high concentration of ingredients, our care range is very effective.

Technical + Theme Questions

Whatever you like. The only important thing is that stones, dirt or stains are removed as soon as possible to prevent damage.

Very easy with a powerful vacuum cleaner. This prevents you You prevent the joints from becoming dirty or filled with dirt. Please pay attention to that Matching attachment for your vacuum cleaner. For normal dirt, mix WEISS UNIVERSAL SOAP with water and wipe the surface to be cleaned. Please avoid standing moisture. It is best to only use the care and cleaning products recommended by us. For smaller areas you can also use the ready-to-use cleaner WEISS SURFACE CARE. Quick and easy.

Stay away from microfiber when cleaning wooden floors! Most commercial mop pads are made of microfiber. This leaves small scratches on the surface of your floor. It makes it dull and unsightly. Water and dirt can come more easily penetration. Therefore: always wipe with cotton only! Our professional mop with cotton mop pad is perfect for this. Your soil will thank you!

It is important that the floor installer hands over the new floor in a clean condition and that subsequent craftsmen also handle the installed floor carefully. Our floors have a surface that is ready for living. If you want to make the floor even more durable, we recommend “oiling” it with Weiss UNIVERSAL OIL. Installation joints and bevels are better protected, and the oil also has a cleaning effect.

Over time, the surface can appear dull and worn due to use. Then you can simply oil the floor with WEISS UNIVERSAL OIL or WEISS REFRESH ECO SPRAY.

A small mishap quickly happened: grease stains under the dining table, unnoticed water spilled while watering flowers or stains from metal contact. With our rescue care box you can tackle hard water stains, fresh grease stains and tannin stains. Spray on, leave to take effect briefly and wipe over with a damp cloth. As a precaution, you should always keep these little helpers at home because fresh stains are best removed.

Dirt stop mats in heavily used entrance areas prevent dirt and moisture from affecting your floor and prevent foot traffic and walking marks.

Armchairs and tables should be provided with a sliding base (felt gliders). This will prevent the surface of the board from being scratched.

Solid wood floorboards are not disposable products and can be sanded and replaced as often as you like.

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