Massivholzdiele Pure Nordic ESCHE - natural
Massivholzdiele Pure Nordic ESCHE - natural
Massivholzdiele Pure Nordic ESCHE - natural
Massivholzdiele Pure Nordic ESCHE - natural
Massivholzdiele Pure Nordic ESCHE - natural
Massivholzdiele Pure Nordic ESCHE - natural

Solid wood floorboard Pure Nordic ASH - natural

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Package price: €284,61
€100,46 / m²

dimension: 20mm x 137mm x 1,473m
surface: Sanded

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Dimensions & Packaging

YOUR solid wood floor is made from a single piece. The specified thickness of 15 mm or 20 mm is pure wood and thus pure top layer. The width is the effective width - so the width that is actually used in the laid state. The lengths are 1.473m and 1.973m, 50:50 in pieces. Your solid wood planks come in packages. Our calculator helps you to put the right number of packages in the shopping cart.

Special Feature/Appearance Solid Wood Plank

The planks have a V-groove all around. This chamfer highlights each individual plank and gives the floor its typical character. The 'sorting' of the floor planks says nothing about the quality but only about the appearance. Rustic and lively or calm and harmonious. Through further finishing of the planks, they differ in surface structure and color tones. From natural to stone grey - from sanded to aged, there is something for every taste.


YOUR solid wood floor is easy to care for! Wipe and vacuum as you wish. Your solid wood floor doesn't need much care. Just a lot of love and the right care products. It's like with friendship. With care, it lasts longer. You can also get the right care products from us!

Installation & Underfloor Heating

The planks have tongue and groove on all 4 sides for endless installation. The wide plank 207mm is not approved for installation on underfloor heating. We recommend gluing the planks fully to the screed. For renovations or a floor construction with a wooden substructure, the 20mm plank can also be screwed.

Kostenloser Versand

Kostenloser Standardversand bei Bestellungen über €2000 für A, D, DK, BE und LU. Für SE und FI ab €4000 - Postartikel wie Pflegeprodukte sind immer versandkostenfrei.


Deine Zufriedenheit ist uns wichtig und wir sind stolz darauf, hochwertige Holzprodukte und exzellenten Service zu liefern.


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Massivholzdiele Pure Nordic ESCHE - natural

Solid wood floorboard Pure Nordic ASH - natural


Solid wood floorboard Pure Nordic ASH - natural

dimension: 20mm x 137mm x 1,473m
surface: Sanded


with solid wood flooring from our Pure Nordic Collection - such as Pure Nordic ash - natural.

Pure Nordic is cozy, friendly and natural. In Scandinavia, this basic attitude towards home is called Hygge, which means, among other things, “joy in the presence of a calming atmosphere". 

So it's no wonder that solid wood floors from the Weiss PURE NORDIC Collection represent exactly this attitude towards life.

Bright and with lots of character - this is how the Ash flooring will look great in your home.

Ash has a reputation for being hard-wearing and robust - making this wood ideal for use as flooring.

Ash wood is one of the most popular domestic types of wood. It is considered a fine hardwood and is impressive with its attractive appearance. Watch out! Ash Rustic is vivid and quite a whirlwind in the play of markings and its uniqueness of structure.
This floor is as special as you are.

This floor is oiled with natural oils and is ready for living .

If you want to feel snug within your own four walls, then add our solid Pure Nordic Ash - natural flooring into your shopping cart now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Wood Flooring

Can I see and touch the solid wood flooring somewhere?

Yes, that is possible. Visit us at our stores or order a sample to your home.

How do I calculate the required amount for flooring, skirting boards, and adhesive?

Guidance for this can be found on our website under 'Help with Quantity Calculation'.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

A minimum order quantity may apply to certain products. Details can be found on the respective product page.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery time varies depending on the product and availability. More precise information can be obtained during the ordering process.

Can products be returned?

Yes, we offer a right of return. The conditions for this can be found in our return policy.

Are products also delivered abroad?

Yes, we also deliver to selected countries outside of Austria. Shipping costs and conditions can be viewed online.

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