Pflegespray CARE LINE - Refresh Eco

Care spray CARE LINE - Refresh Eco

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Kostenloser Standardversand bei Bestellungen über €2000 für A, D, DK, BE und LU. Für SE und FI ab €4000 - Postartikel wie Pflegeprodukte sind immer versandkostenfrei.


Deine Zufriedenheit ist uns wichtig und wir sind stolz darauf, hochwertige Holzprodukte und exzellenten Service zu liefern.


Reibungsloser Versand und Lieferung per Spedition
Pflegespray CARE LINE - Refresh Eco

Care spray CARE LINE - Refresh Eco


Care spray CARE LINE - Refresh Eco

WEISS REFRESH ECO, spray for initial care and aftercare of oiled floors
0.5 ltrs

Frequently Asked Questions about Accessories

Can I pick up the solid wood flooring and accessories myself?

Yes, absolutely. Simply choose free pickup at the lumberyard during checkout. You will receive an email as soon as your goods are ready for pickup.

How do you calculate the correct amounts for flooring, skirtings, and adhesive?

You can find a little guidance here.

Any further questions?

Here is our FAQ page. Do you have any further questions? We look forward to hearing from you at or by phone.

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